A horse race announcer calls a synopsis of The Red Chair: “It’s a novel finish,” he says

“We’re seeing a lot of competitive flirting here.”

There are plot summaries, and then there are unusual, FUN,  plot summaries.

In just eighty seconds, this Australian horse race announcer teases us with his interpretation of the story inside The Red Chair. Just in case, you don’t have the time or technology to listen to the video, here is the transcript of his call:

Here we are with The Red Chair. Donna Wilberg has written a very tense plot for us today in the category of romantic suspense.

The paddock is full of sexual tension, and this crowd of readers is hanging on every page. Here’s the bell … and we’re off…

Jess Bartell is out of the gate first. This lawyer is as handsome as they come. Trained in Chicago, he now runs in Sacramento.

Up from the rear, here comes police sergeant Garret Weston. Wow, what a golden stride!

Suddenly these two pent-up courtiers are on equal footing.

The prize at the end of this race is Grace Simms, the young, blonde psychotherapist. But these studs will have to gallop through some plot-twisting turns to win this beauty’s heart.

But wait … what’s that?  Near the center rail…a hooded figure is emerging from the bushes.  This stalker is distracting these two stallions from their conquest.

Westin stuttered, but adrenalin is fueling a comeback. We’re seeing a lot of competitive flirting here. Bartell looks a little cocky. No one likes to see Westin pouting.

They’re neck and neck now. Westin…Bartell…Westin, Oh my!… It’s a novel finish.

We’re going to have to go the book to see who has won the heart of Grace Simms. … The Red Chair, by Donna Wilberg, is available on Amazon dot com.