A new romantic suspense novel, The Red Chair, earns rave reviews upon release

One of the many clients that psychotherapist Grace Simms treats may be a stalker — even a killer, but author Dänna Wilberg cleverly twists her story in a way that the clients in her novel end up teaching the therapist about herself and her own weakness. One of Grace’s crazy clients may still be the stalker nevertheless, but the story explores the complexity of human nature to readers while building their curiosity about late-night calls, threatening mail, and a hooded stranger in a close-following car. Along the way there is love, and the lingering question about which man Grace Simms will choose for her own. And by the way, there’s a dog in this story, too. Do Grace’s strict rules for her dog’s behavior say anything about Grace’s enviable personality. A romantic suspense novel available on Amazon.

A horse race announcer calls a synopsis of The Red Chair: “It’s a novel finish,” he says

“We’re seeing a lot of competitive flirting here.” There are plot summaries, and then there are unusual, FUN,  plot summaries. In just eighty seconds, this Australian horse race announcer teases us with his interpretation of the story inside The Red Chair. Just in case, you don’t have the time or technology to listen to the video, here is the transcript…